For centuries Westerners have been intrigued by the Silk Road. This ancient trade route laid the foundation for trade and cultural ties between East and West, conveying goods, knowledge, and peace and war messages across Eurasia. Traders’ camel caravans – laden with silk, tea, porcelain, and other goods from China and other parts of Asia – made their way westwards to Europe and the Middle East. Crossing vast open plains, mysterious deserts, high mountain passes, and foreign – sometimes hostile – territories, these traders put their lives in the hands of the gods, hoping to bring prosperity to their families and communities.

Join this Silk Road private tour to explore the ancient trade routes the old way – overland. Starting from Badain Jaran, by the southern tip of the great Gobi desert, travel to the city of Kashgar, at the edge of China, bordering four Central Asian republics. Along this fascinating overland journey, meet people of different cultures and religions, and explore the varied landscapes and rich historical sites of these remote regions.