In western Mongolia, deep within the Altai mountain range, an ancient tradition of hunting with Golden Eagles is still alive. Here, at the foot of the mighty Altai mountain range, Kazakh hunters training their eagles to hunt for rabbits and foxes. Once a year, hunters from all over Bayan-Olgii Province gather to celebrate this ethnic tradition and compete against each other on various challenges that show off both birds' and hunters' skills and abilities.

As the annual gathering winds down, continue for a trip throughout Bayan-Olgii, Mongolia's westmost province, to meet the Muslim Kazakh nomads, learn from them about their ancient traditions, and enjoy the landscapes of what is considered to be Mongolia's most scenic province.

The dates of this tour are fixed to coincide with the annual Eagle Festival dates. However, if you cannot visit Mongolia during autumn or are not interested in the festival but still interested in exploring western Mongolia and its people, please feel free to contact us. We would love to work with you on your own private hunting with Golden Eagles tour.