A tour along a railway more than 130 years old is a journey through an era that reshaped civilizations and the course of the history of the old and new worlds. This private trans-Siberian tour is not your usual tour where the train is the theme and the focal point. Our journey focuses on the cultures and rich history of the people whose lives have been touched by the railroads, the modern ‘Silk Road’ connecting east and west.

Unlike other such tours, which consist of seemingly never-ending train rides, our private trans-Siberian tour calmly pause at sites and cities along the railway to experience its inhabitants’ everyday lives and take the time to explore the exciting sights along the railroad. Other unique features to this tour are the use of local trains where you get to meet and mingle with everyday people, rather than riding tourist-only trains, and the fact we try to minimize the number of nights aboard trains, accommodating every second night in a comfortable hotel.

This private trans-Siberian tour was designed for those not seeking to impress others by talking about their journey, but those looking for a first-hand experience with the people and places way too often being seen only through the train’s windows.