China is a fantastic family tour destination, fascinating to travelers of all ages. From world-class theme parks through grandiose monuments, hands-on rural experiences, and some of the world’s best museums, China never seizes to surprise! Understanding that a family tour is not just about sightseeing, this meticulously designed China family tour is packed with family quality time, fun activities, and experiences that go beyond the obvious. We have included games and theme parks for great fun, and museums and temples to connect with the country’s rich history and culture. The tour consists of few cooking classes that are meant not just to broaden one’s culinary horizons but also as a means of fun family activity. It also includes a full day in rural China, for the family to have a hands-on experience with Chinese village life, and even volunteering with pandas! Wrap it all up with a memorable day at Shanghai Disneyland for top-of-the-line entertainment to all!

You could either choose to join the scheduled departure listed below, or you could have us arrange for you your own private China family tour on dates that best fits you.

China family tour can take place anytime throughout the year. Please see below the dates on which trip prices are not available (some surcharge may apply).