South Korea probably requires very little introduction. When thinking of Korea, probably the first thing coming to mind is the Korean War, and then the fact that Korean products are everywhere these days. From cars to cellular phones to TV sets, we all probably own at least one product made in Korea. This Korea private tour celebrates the fusion Korean contemporary culture is all about, from Confucianism to Buddhism through excessive Consumerism and Materialism, and the admiration of the Korean people for the breathtaking natural features surrounding them. In autumn, the entire country undergoes an immense metamorphosis, as its vast forests are painted red, yellow, and fifty shades of brown. This is when we, and the Koreans in their thousands, go to admire this phenomenon with beautiful walks through national parks and nature reserves.

Trip dates indicated below are chosen to coincide with the best autumn foliage. However, this trip is available all year round, and we would love to arrange a Korea private tour at any time of your convenience. The regions included in this trip offer incredible sights and excellent hikes all year round, each season with its own unique characteristics.

Recommended dates for Korea private tour: April and May to enjoy the spring blossom, June, and of course, September to the beginning of November for fantastic autumn foliage. July and August are also possible, but days might turn hot at times.