This unique autumn trip begins and ends in two of the best-known China national parks. The first is Jiuzhaigou, internationally recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful nature reserves. The latter, Zhangjiajie, came to public attention as the filming ground for the Hollywood hit movie, Avatar. These two China national parks consist of dense forests, and thus, when the time comes, stand in beautiful autumn foliage colors. In between visiting these two parks, travel along the foot of the Tibetan Plateau. Here, communities of Tibetans managed to avoid the political turmoil associated with the Tibetan highlands. Keeping out of harm’s way, these communities managed to authentically preserve Tibetan heritage and traditions. Traveling through these villages provides travelers with a unique insight into a rapidly changing culture.

Trip dates indicated below are chosen to see the best of autumn foliage in China national parks. However, this trip is available all year round, and we would love to arrange it at any time of your convenience. The regions visited on this tour offer amazing sights all year round, each season with its own unique characteristics.

The recommended dates to travel China national parks are May, August, September, and October (please refer to the list of Chinese national holidays below, during which these rates might not apply).