Nestled far up north, along the Russian border, the area surrounding Lake Khovsgol is considered the most beautiful and pristine part of Mongolia. To the west of the lake lies the Sayan Mountain Range, stretching deep into Russian territory. The highest mountain of the Sayan is Khoridol-Saridag, rising high above the beautiful blue lake. Trekking Lake Khovsgol offers a unique opportunity to explore on foot some of the least known natural gems of Mongolia, in an area so pristine even nomadic herders are not allowed to graze their livestock here. From vast, pebble covered river beds, surrounded by flower carpeted meadows, to narrow paths amidst thick pine forests, Trekking Lake Khovsgol takes through mountain passes where stone made cairns have been built for centuries to worship the spirits of the mountains. The trek is supported by a local team, and all luggage is carried by pack animals.

The recommended dates for trekking Lake Khovsgol are from the beginning of June to mid-September. You could either choose to join one of our scheduled departures or have us arrange for you your own private trek by Lake Khovsgol at dates the best fits you.