Vietnam and Cambodia are two of the most fascinating countries on the Asian continent, both dramatically affected by recent history. In the mid of the 2nd millennia, both countries were the ground for some of the largest empires South East Asia has ever known. The decline of these empires has marked the beginning of French colonialization, bringing Christianity, modernization, and rapid development, which have forever changed local cultures and traditions. Both countries were then heavily affected by the US-led Vietnam war, resulted in counter-revolution, bringing to life the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and the Viet Minh in Vietnam. This 14 days Cambodia and Vietnam private tour takes through the fantastic landscapes of these countries, locked between the Mekong River and the South China Sea, providing insight into these ancient cultures and the impact these major events have had on the people of Vietnam and Cambodia.

The recommended dates for Cambodia and Vietnam private tours are November to April. See below the dates on which trip prices are not available (some surcharge might apply).