A unique journey through the Tibetan Plateau, commonly known as the Roof of the World, during the time the Tibetan people celebrate the Shoton Festival. Indulge through this private Tibet tour in the complex world of Tibetan Buddhism while taking in the mesmerizing views of the Himalayas rising high above this elevated plateau. Visit splendid ancient monasteries, travel through towering mountain passes, along crystal blue lakes, and through rustic villages to get an up-close comprehension of Tibet's historic and modern affairs. Meet the Tibetan people as they complete months' long pilgrimage to the region's holiest temples, work their vegetable plots in the rural areas, and stop by their simple dwellings for a warm cup of yak-butter tea. This off-the-beaten-track journey would reveal that reality is probably far more straightforward and far more charming than how it is often depicted through western media.

You could either choose to join the scheduled departure listed below, or you could have us arrange for you your own Tibet private tour at dates that best fits you.

Recommended dates for Tibet private tour are early May to late September. Please see below the dates on which trip prices are not available (some surcharge may apply).