Bhutan is a secluded and mysterious kingdom hidden up amidst the Himalayas’ towering peaks. This exciting Bhutan private tour takes through some of the kingdom’s most intriguing sites for an in-depth exploration of the country’s history, traditions, and unique natural features. The trip is perfectly scheduled to attend the annual Gangtey Festival and experience the purest form of traditional Buddhist ceremonies taking place through a buzzing country-fair.

The people of Bhutan are considered to be the happiest people on earth. This is partially achieved by the country’s medieval air through a simple way of life, the majestic landscapes, and ancient fortresses highlighting the glorious past of this tiny yet formidable mountain kingdom.

You could either choose to join this scheduled departure, or you could have us arrange for you your own Bhutan private tour on dates that best fits you.

The recommended dates for Bhutan private tour are the spring (March to May) and autumn (September-November). The winter is less popular with travelers, but temperatures are surprisingly agreeable. The chances of seeing the Himalayas, the forests, and the massive historic structures in snow make it all worthwhile. The summer is the monsoon season and should be avoided.