The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, often referred to by its old name, Burma, is a cluster of unique ethnicities nestled amid stunning landscapes. Being locked behind international sanctions for well over a decade, the country is now slowly opening up for travelers from the West, offering an insight into its complex social structure, its ancient traditions, and unique natural beauty. This Myanmar private tour takes through some of the most prominent sites of the country. It is designed to highlight the beauty and unique features derived by hundreds of years of devoted religious practices, the long years of British rule, and the reforms being implemented in recent years to advance civil rights, freedom of speech, and democracy.

The dates for this Myanmar private tour are carefully picked to attend the annual Ananda Pagoda Festival, one of the most important local festivals celebrated throughout the country. However, this trip is available throughout Myanmar's travel season (without attending this particular festival, of course!). We would love to arrange it at any time of your convenience.

The recommended dates for Myanmar private tour are September to March.