Mongolian Ways
Known to many as one of Mongolia’s most beautiful regions, Lake Khuvsgul is surrounded by high mountains reaching some 3000 meters (over 9800 feet) above sea level. To the south of the Lake lies the Khoridal-Saridag mountain range, featuring some of Mongolia’s most stunning landscapes. From wide, pebble covered river beds, surrounded by flower carpeted meadows, to narrow paths amidst thick pine forests. Our trek will lead us through mountain passes where stone made cairns have been built over the centuries to worship the mountains spirits. Join us on this special trekking and camping adventure, through some of the world’s remotest and least known trekking gems. The trek will be supported by a local team, and all our equipment will be carried throughout the trek by pack animals.

Recommended months for Khuvsgul Lake Trek Tour are from June and August. Please contact us for more details.