Mongolian Ways
The Trans-Siberian Train- a term that thrills adventurers of all kinds. Of the different branches of the Trans-Siberian Train, the Trans-Mongolian is the most traveled route, mainly due to the fact that in one journey one could explore three different countries, and three different distinct cultures. But long train rides over the vast open Siberian taiga and tundra might just not meet the preferences of many travelers. We have thus designed a trip that focuses on the true real gems of this long train ride. Our journey begins by Lake Baikal of Russian Siberia, on to the land of the Mongol Nomads, and ends in Beijing, the Chinese capital. Featuring two of the most spectacular sections of the Trans Mongolian/Siberian Railway, and with enough time to explore at ease the unique culture and spectacular sites along the route, this is the perfect trip for those wishing to combine an iconic train ride with up-close encounters with local cultures.

Recommended months for Trans Mongolian/Siberian Railway Tour are June, July and September. Please contact us for more details.