Spark your imagination on educational opportunities designed to engage, inspire and bring more creativity at imex in Las Vegas

In a few month IMEX Americas, taking place in Las Vegas, will be held from 10th to 12th September and it is even bigger than last year with 3.500 suppliers and 4.000 international Buyers. We, EVINTRA, will not only offer a Hosted Buyer program and Co-Exhibiting at our booth, but also join and promote the fair with our Media Partnership. 
Referring the topic, this year’s show will focus on the Talking Point topic “imagination”, the ability which is only owned by human kind. “We’re working to bring the power of imagination to everything we’re doing at IMEX America“, said Carina Bauer, CEO of IMEX Group, “we’re exploring and celebrating this aspect of being human – one that we frequently take for granted. Think of it as a human superpower; our instinct to ask, without judgement or limitation,  ‘What if…’“. Let me take over from here to get the connection to the keynote speaker from this show because people whose daily business is using their imagination are artists. Phil Hanser, an American artist, will lead one important speech on the topic “Transforming Limitations into opportunities”. It is that important, because in the Meetings and Incentives industry we are always confronted to limitations, which might restrict ourselves in doing our job. Hanser wants to lead us turning limitations in driving our creativity.
Furthermore, Jessica Pettitt will lead a discussion on the topic “Inclusion: beyond the law for meeting professionals”. She combines stand-up comedy with diversity training, which is promising a mixture of joy and education. 
Besides, Lynn Wellish, award winning hospitality trainer and speaker, approaches the daily subject of sales. How can you make sales more comfortable and more successful getting less rejection? 
Additionally to those named speakers, more than 180 education events complete the supply of getting in to the newest topics combined with “Inspiring Imagination” as unique human superpower. 
You are interested in joining IMEX Americas at our booth? We have still some places left, here you can find our co-exhibiting opportunities:

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