There is no escaping technology, and the MICE industry is no exception. How is technology changing the way we operate within our organisations, and how we coordinate our events?

The MICE industry is quickly changing, thanks to technological advances. Today more than ever we see the need to find out what happens anywhere in the world instantly. The combination of smartphones and mobile apps now make it possible to both the mass propagation of information and the connectivity between participants immediately, and MICE professionals are staying closely up to date.

 Around 53% of us say they’ve incorporated mobile apps in their events and at least 91% have experienced a very positive ROI.
This tells us that it is essential to invest in this type of technology to ensure that our events are at the forefront. Digital strategies are extremely key to build added value during the event but also to extend their life cycle. If your event has an international audience, then you have a community in which you want to invest so that they continue attending year after year. Part of this process is identifying technologies such as mobile apps or social networks that allow our attendees to interact with each other and access information of interest throughout the year.
Globalization has caused attendees from all over the world to be exposed to these advancesand this makes the technological competitiveness between events more present than ever.
New technologies in particular have a habit of causing disruption within the events industry across Europe, especially companies such as Uber, Airbnb and Deliveroo. This has created a very competitive alternative that affects more traditional members in the industry such as taxis, hotels and catering providers. There is a fierce battle between these two forces (the traditional one and the disruptive one) that tells us that we will continue to see many more markets that will feel the impact of these technologies.
We should watch AI and VR very closely!

Among the most commonly used technologies are instant messaging services, social networks and geolocation programs. They have revolutionized the lifestyle of the whole world. All these technologies have become indispensable even for the MICE industry, since it facilitates the promotion, organization and distribution of our events.
The Shocklogic team has a lot of experience in dealing with these kinds of technologies. We offer a platform of dedicated integrated modules for the management of events, technology and services for event organizers and associations from around the world. We aim to reduce the manual work of the MICE industry and automate internal processes to create more sources of income. All this in order to also be able to provide the best possible experience for any participant of an event. Find out more at

 Johnny D. Martinez
 Head of Marketing and Business Development, Shocklogic