The plan, which begins on 01 April, will see a significantly expanded schedule of work and activity as the next 12 months is set to be a critical year for the global events economy, with several high-profile elections taking place around the world. In the UK, as well as a general election likely to be held towards the end of 2024, local government and mayoral elections will also be held around the country, potentially changing the local political landscape.
All of this means that it is going to be even more important to engage with politicians and policy makers, creating content, briefings and holding events to promote the value and benefits of having a strong business events economy.
As well as engaging with what will be one of the largest intakes of new MPs in a generation, the activity will also connect event planners, both domestic and international, with TBOE partners. These connections will help ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of the global business events industry and continues to meet the needs of planners and delegates.
Working alongside strategic and content partners, the plan also includes an expanded programme of regional, national, and international events. These events will be predominately invitation only, bringing together senior event industry leaders to connect with politicians, policymakers, stakeholders and planners to look at ways in which together we can build better local and national economies through business events.
Martin Fullard, Director of News & Content at TBOE said; “The need for increased advocacy to highlight the opportunities available by having a strong event economy has never been greater, which is why this year we are significantly expanding our sphere of activity; more research, more events, more insights and more engagement.
“In the UK, we have a limited but critical window of opportunity to tell our story, as the focus shifts towards a general election and a much-changed Westminster landscape. This is why we have been focussing on engaging with those who are likely to be in parliament and in positions of influence, as well as continuing to connect with the corporate and association planners and agencies, to ensure our partners have real time insights into how the UK can become even more competitive as a world leading event destination.”
This year, a number of regional events will also take place, along with specific Advocacy Forums, which will be held within existing events and trade shows. Due to the UK general election likely taking place in the Autumn of 2024, the signature Global Policy Forum will now be held in February 2025 in Westminster.
Full details of the plan can be downloaded here.