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Meeting Industry Sustainability Forum MISF 2023 will take place on 21 November 2023 in Warsaw. We invite ESG business leaders who play a key role in shaping ESG strategies in corporations (ESG managers, procurement officers) and representatives of the tourism industry.

This is an excellent opportunity to discuss the challenges of sustainable tourism, congresses and business travel together. The event is divided into five discussion panels: "Destination," "Accommodation," "Mobility," "Programme," and "Green Washing. "

Presentations at MISF

Marta Mills will present the results of the “Net Zero Hospitality Roadmap” report published in September 2023 by HOTREC. The report analyses the challenges, opportunities and available support for hotel and restaurant companies aiming to achieve zero net emissions. The report assesses the industry’s progress to date structured around the five paths of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism (measure, decarbonise, regenerate, cooperate and finance), summarises practical methods and tools for reducing carbon emissions, and provides examples of their application by European hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. 

Christina Russe, Deputy Secretary General of ECTAA, will talk about what companies need is training, guidance and tools to help them get on the path of sustainability. With the EU- COSME funded project SUSTOUR, more than 600 travel companies have been supported to help them either achieve sustainability certification or improve their performance in specific areas, such as supply-chain management, plastic management, carbon management and making shore excursions more sustainable. The project helped to develop tools and guidance for these companies.

The panelists are experts from Poland and abroad, business leaders and ESG consultants, including: Magdalena Heinrich, a purchasing specialist with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical and telecommunications industry; Patrick Richards, founder/director of TerraVerde, an innovative and business-friendly sustainability consulting company. It is dedicated to the travel, tourism and hospitality sector, working across all its segments to support clients in their journeys to a low-carbon future. The panelist is also Liu Ping, founder of China Star, as well as a professional conference organizer (PCO).
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