IBTM World 2022 will focus on culture creation as its theme, bringing together attendees to discover how modern business challenges are creating opportunities across the industry, and exploring the convergence of events and business culture. The theme of 'culture creation' will permeate the event, from the tailored association programme to the inspirational Knowledge Programme and networking events.

The Association Leaders’ Forum, curated by Stylianos Filopoulos, International Associations Expert, will consider the role that associations can play in our changeable world. Through the sharing of case studies, interactive sessions and round table discussions, the tailored programme will explore issues such as sustainability, diversity and inclusion, socioeconomic instability, wellbeing, and creativity, and discuss how associations can leverage these challenges and opportunities to increase the impact of their future events.

One of the highlights of the Forum is the Presidents’ Talk, which will open the programme and bring together all five Association Executive Society leaders. This interactive session is an opportunity for association professionals to hear how different global associations innovated and solved problems in the design and delivery of their own international events, as well as a chance to discover different cultures and celebrate diversity and points of convergence.
Mungai Nfi the new President of the African Society of Association Executives (AfSAE), said: “Every day, association members and leaders go above and beyond to help enhance communities’ rights. Associations at their heart are about impact. We all face unprecedented change and the associated mental and emotional challenges, we need to take renewed care of our teams, leaders, volunteers, and members. Associations are uniquely positioned to provide that care, community, and support.”
In partnership with MeetDenmark, the programme features an innovative session to help design the future of in-person events through Lego Serious Play. This interactive session will enable delegates to share ideas and learn what in-person events of purpose-driven organisations will look like in the future. It will also enable them to experience new and innovative formats through play and reflect on the impact of events gamification. 
David Thompson, Event Director, IBTM World, said: “The Associations Leaders’ Forum is an integral part of IBTM World, and this year as we come together to reflect on how culture impacts events, the forum is a fantastic opportunity to learn from and exchange ideas with different global cultures. Stylianos has produced an unmissable programme which explores all the issues facing associations today.”
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