IT&CMA is at the forefront of fostering MICE growth opportunities for the Asia- Pacific and beyond. Its multi-faceted programme engages regional and international industry suppliers and buyers in the realms of business, education and networking. IT&CMA is a great add to EVINTRA´s partnership portfolio, which also features dedicated platforms designed around the interests of valuable MICE niche segments, enabling the event to consistently deliver a delegate profile that is both relevant and dynamic. 

IT&CMA is positioned as one of the leading global events with a large exhibition showcase of Asia-Pacific MICE suppliers which marks a big development also for EVINTRA in the Asian markets. EVINTRA will support the buyer program with a MICE and Association buyers group in 2018 to kick off this new highlight in their Asian based hosted buyer program opportunities. 

If you are a byuer and interested in joining this hosted program with us you can directly apply over one of this link:
MICE Buyer registration:
Associazion Buyer registration: 

For more info or to apply please contact: