LinkedIn became the most effective sales and marketing tool says "KONGRESS" a media for global MICE / Event professionals. Our CEO Andreas Thölken, seem to be using this tool very well as he was now been mentioned as #2 on the magazines list of the top Influencers in the meetings industry.

KONGRESS tell us about making their selection process as the following: 
For our clients’ needs, we have been preparing a selection of LinkedIn influencers for the past few years. The list comprises individuals who have more than 5000 followers and a high Social Selling Index, which you can check for your LinkedIn profile at (; you can check yours here). All of the all-star profiles on our list have an index higher than 70.
Thus, it has been an honour for them to share their list of the top 30 LinkedIn influencers for the premier time. You can review the entire list with the links to each persons profile here: