Predicting the future isn’t easy. Technology’s history is littered with smart people who’ve gotten it wrong. So as you read, be critical, read with the intention to have this article spike your imagination and open it to possibilities.

Megatrends are — transformative global forces that will have far-reaching impact on businesses, societies, economies, cultures and personal lives around the world
* I must give credit to researcher organizations in the Tech and financial services world specifically HP.
Here are four overarching Megatrends to consider:

Rapid Urbanization
Globally, more people are moving to cities, so future cities will be larger, bigger than 10 million— and there will be more of them. Meanwhile, resource constraints will drive the trend to smaller, shared living and work spaces. Emerging economies in particular will be on the lookout for innovations to help them leapfrog the limitations of their previous infrastructures, government and business models.

Changing Demographics
At the same time, demographic shifts are leading to a more pronounced population split between young and old. By 2030, a third of the global population will be over 65. This means a decline in the number of workers per retiree and pre-work age population, thus putting a strain on productivity and output. Innovations in digital health and robotics will help bridge the gap.

Hyper Globalization
Our lives and work are increasingly interconnected globally. Formerly isolated challenges and opportunities scale with connectivity, amplifying both. When everything from technology and people to industries and governments is connected, digital platforms and ecosystems reign supreme, with digital security becoming more important than ever.

Accelerating Innovation
The pace of innovation is speeding up, which is causing fundamental shifts in world economies, industries and population centers. Such rapid innovation is transforming the way people work and live nearly as quickly, leading to the creation of new jobs while displacing others. And all of our technologies will get smarter

Evintra and trend readiness in the MICE industry.
Honing in on the third Megatrend – Hyper Globalization – we have always known that the MICE industry is a truly global interconnected industry. How that industry is connecting today is more and more digital and leveraging a number of social and productivity based platforms to help individual business in a vastly diverse geographic locations stay relevant and connected. The growth of the Evintra buyer community is certainly a testimony to this reality, holding one of the greatest digital global buyer community of the MICE industry. This in turn has attracted a future focused and highly tech savvy community of MICE industry supplier partners actively connecting and trading on the platform. Beyond trade the community respects the safety and supplier vetting processes an inherent risk reduction component that is desired.

It’s certainly an interesting platform to keep your eyes on now and in the future.

David  Sand
UWIN IWIN Incentives