A Global Virtual Trade Show with Social Awareness and a Collaborative Attitude where the end goal for the Leisure & the MICE community is to UNITE. 

UNITE by Saleint Inc is organizing a Global Virtual Trade Show combining the Leisure and MICE industry on an online platform. The Trade Show is scheduled to start at 0000 hrs Toronto time (EDT) on September 16, 2020 and will be live till 2359 hrs Toronto time (EDT) on September 17, 2020. 
As an Exhibitor, one can expect up to 50 face-2-face virtual meetings with qualified Leisure and MICE buyers for a fraction of the typical acquisition costs associated with Trade Show attendance. This is while maintaining the quality of the interaction. In addition, each Exhibitor will receive intelligent data on their meetings which will allow for personalization of offerings. To register as an Exhibitor, please click here or reach out to one of our Ambassadors. 
As a Buyer, one can expect effective and convenient face-2-face virtual meetings with quality exhibitors to gather relevant content at the click of a button. This in addition to the Speaker sessions and an exclusive – ‘from the eye of a traveler talk series’ launching at UNITE 2020. Every qualified buyer attending the show will have an opportunity to participate in the online contests which will start in August 2020. 
Professionally organized, UNITE by Saleint Inc. is showcasing the future of Trade Shows and is being supported by some of the leading industry partners. 

Trade Show Key Features include (and is not limited to):
- 3D animated lobby with moving avatars in the background. 
- Virtual booths offering Video, Voice and Text chat within the software. 
- A Virtual Briefcase (Swag Bag) will allow buyers to collect information from the exhibitors and email it to themselves. 
- Business card information can be exchanged between any two attendees. 
- Online contest and live score board on the two Trade Show days. 
- Informative speaker sessions which will be available ‘live’ with Q&A sessions and ‘On-Demand’ post that. 

Browser enabled; attendees require a stable internet connection. The trade is accessible on any digital device (laptop, desktop, mobile phone and tablet) 
This is an opportunity for peers to come together, to collaborate and to keep the connections going while making new ones; which in 2020 has been difficult. Backed by members of the Tourism Industry, 18 Exhibitors have already signed up representing North America, South 
America, North Africa, Europe, Middle East, Indian subcontinent and Asia. We are nearly 2 months out and we expect more Exhibitors to be a part of this Global Showcase. 
Buyer Registration is now open and registration fee is waived till July 31, 2020. There are contests scheduled for the month of August 2020, details for which will be release closer to end of July. These contests are for registered and qualified participants only. Limited spots for buyers in each country. 
To register as a MICE or Leisure buyer, please click here. 
To register as a Media participant, please click here. 
At present, our key sponsors are - MPAHT (Meeting Professionals Against Human Trafficking), Pink Media, The Incentivist, TravelWeek and Ignite. Information on UNITE 2020 is available at www.saleint.ca/unite 

UNITE by Saleint Inc. is an organization created in the times when everyone and almost every industry was in a state of flux and turmoil. Represented in our logo – (collaboratively) hands holding the Earth up reflects our pillars on which UNITE has been built - Social Awareness, Collaboration, Inclusiveness, Unity, Responsible Tourism 
For more information, email ambassador@saleint.ca