You have probably gotten dozens of daily invites for webinars during these last weeks. So, to stand out of the crowd, the online presence of your conferences will need to be even stronger, creating something that differs from this noisy, purely reactive environment.

To manage professional webinars, trainings, virtual meetups or any online session, you’ll need to treat them as such, offering high quality experiential marketing.

1. A quick reaction doesn’t need to be an enemy of long-term goals.
Your event marketing strategy is, at its core, a plan to generate Marketing ROI. Due to the conditions we’re living in, it’s tempting to just open a video call tool and start inviting people to improvised talks – that sounds simple and quick.

But without being able to manage workflows or measuring event success, video chats will eventually leave a huge gap at the end of your strategy execution.

Also, whether it’s on purpose or not, your brand is always passing a message. So, just because a given event is online, it doesn’t mean that your brand will not be affected if the customer experience is negative.

2. Events are moving to virtual formats, but stakeholder’s expectations remain real.
Video call tools are not enough to carry on with essential attendee’s journey expectations such as a smooth registration, relevant and attractive communications via website, email marketing, networking, push and app notifications, etc.

Plus, analytics and dashboards that are especially designed to measure and accelerate attendee’s buying journeys are only present in professional event marketing tools that follow best business practices.

Choosing an event platform, then, becomes essential for teams that want to run interactive events, provide great networking experience, save time, be attentive to social listening, get insights from actual attendee behavior data, and pass the correct message.

3. How to host webinars, virtual conferences and real experiences in a Virtual Lobby.
It’s definitely not the first time that the events industry faces uncertainty. And in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the biggest challenge of our times, live events are moving to 100% digital formats. And as an immediate adherence to this new market need, InEvent announces the launch of its new tool for hybrid and online events: the Virtual Lobby.

Built up specially to serve online conference’s needs, InEvent’s Virtual Lobby enables data-rich events to be held remotely, in an easy-to-discover, fully interactive networking online space.
 “InEvent new virtual lobby solution wants to help get through this disruption by leveraging virtual and online events.”, comments InEvent CEO, Pedro Góes.

He anticipates the new feature as a “all in one live content, networking and video chat platform. Works with the InEvent mobile app and has integrations with the main video platforms”.

4. You can smoothly migrate in-person experiences to online formats, while still protecting your attendee’s data
Implementing and promoting engaging webinars and virtual meetups with InEvent’s Virtual Lobby is a smooth process, as it’s been designed to provide a safe environment, where business can happen just as in-person.

Integrations with communication solutions such as Zoom, on 24, Facebook Live, Google Meet and Webex, will be available by just embedding a live video on your event site / virtual lobby.

With a platform that has reached this level of security, like InEvent, you’re complying with control reports of the AICPA service organization and security policies from the main data privacy agencies in the U.S. and Europe. 

Also, each participant in a given online event, will fill up an encrypted registration form. Then, they’ll be granted with a unique and secure access voucher by email or by the event app. 

Besides assisting in the efficiency of registration, this data can only be read by InEvent's authenticated system.

Migrate your live events portfolio to online formats with InEvent’s new Virtual Lobby: an easy to discover, fully interactive virtual lobby to hold your live/online experiences.

InEvent is a leader all-in-one event analytics platform that transforms attendees into customers. More than 2.4 million attendees have registered for conferences and celebrations organized with InEvent software, by 265+ companies.

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How much
For a limited time, the feature will be provided on the Essential plan, which is the first and most affordable plan. For users that meet conditions to be part of our COVID-19 taskforce, it will be available for free until May 28th 2020. You can check if that’s your case clicking here.