“Busy, busy, busy” seems to be the lament of almost everyone these days. So how do you deliver exceptional experiences consistently, time after time, when you are constantly harassed by deadlines and client demands? Especially as we live in a world of increasing procurement and business compliance with an expectation of instant answers. Now more than ever event professionals are really feeling the pressure, which is multiplied tenfold when business is good, and things are busy. It’s not uncommon to hear from professionals in the industry that they feel like they are drowning, working incredible hours, or not getting the work-life balance right due to the demands of the current business climate. So, forming trusted partnership with reliable partners around the globe makes good business sense for you and your business.  Here are five good reasons why partnering with a DMC will help you:

1.     You can concentrate on what you are good at.
Evaluating your time cost equation and how you spend your time effectively can make a big difference in your profitability. You can prioritize time on actions that will benefit your business and the value you are adding to your client. Good suppliers are a good investment, freeing you up to spend time on the things that really need your attention.
2.     It will save you lots of money. 
If you think the service cost of a DMC is expensive consider the following: DMCs can often negotiate better payments terms, get you better value for money for similar experiences from a range of suppliers and warn you of potential issues that may become expensive in the long term.  If you believe that paying for a partner in a foreign country is an expense you would rather not have, consider the potential cost and ramifications of poor delivery of an event. Using a DMC means nothing is left to chance and reduces your risk and exposure.    
3.     It’s all about joint success. 
It may sound like common sense, but good suppliers know their primary job is to make you look good in front of your client and have the experience to make it happen. A trusted partner can make the difference between you having a nervous breakdown or having a competent ally in your team. The number 1 reason our clients say they use a euromic DMC is because of their experience - take advantage of it.
4.     Google and Alexa are not always right.   
Nothing beats “on the ground intelligence”. The power of local knowledge that our DMCs offer can save you heaps of potentially expensive or embarrassing situations. Even destinations or properties you may have travelled to many times before change - and local knowledge is the only way you’ll stay up to date. 
5.     It’s a sprint for your clients but a marathon for you!  
Most clients have short term project objectives with you. Once one project is over and done, they will most likely enjoy some brief respite before the next one starts up. This is rarely so for you, when it’s normally straight on to the next one.  Therefore it is  important you pace yourself for the long run: sprinting a marathon is hard and most probably won’t end well… Using a DMC will share the load and make sure you and your team remain energetic and passionate for the long term.
About the author
Huw Tuckett is the executive Director of euromic , a marketing association of 49 Global ‘Best in Class’ DMCs . Euromic has strict entry requirements for its members who have over 1300 travel professionals across 5 continents. Euromic members have 67% Female ownership and an average of 29 years in business.   
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