Parques de Sintra
This initiative in the Park of Pena is integrated in the opening to the public of the Stables in the Pena Farm, from which the participants can leave for horse rides through the park and enjoy walks in the gardens, orchards and picnic areas as well as visit the Stalls. You can also visit the Garden and the Chalet of the Countess of Edla, which is also located in this area of the Park.
30 minutes – 15 Euros*
90 minutes – 30 Euros*
3 hours – 50 Euros*
6 hours – 100 Euros*

Pony rides in the Pena Farm
Thinking on the children a new activity was launched in the Park of Pena, in the Ornamental Farm. Our young visitors can now have their first riding experience on a pony, which was especially trained to work with children, every day of the week and always accompanied by a guide. The circuit takes place in the area surrounding the Stables in the Pena Farm.
15 minutes – 7 Euros*

*The price of admission to the Park of Pena must be added to all prices, as the rides take place within its grounds

Additional information
The confirmation of the services availability is only possible with prior booking and pre-payment
These activities are subject to the meteorological conditions