Parques de Sintra
In partnership with the Donkey Reserve – Association for Valorisation and Preservation of the Donkey, a donkey reserve was set up in the Ferdinand II Hunting Grounds in the surroundings of the Convent of the Capuchos. This reserve seeks to help maintain and value the donkey through simultaneously running a program of activities that enable contact with and awareness about these animals for various segments of the public visiting Sintra as well as providing another means of exploring the natural heritage present throughout this location.

Open to the Public
The opening of the Donkey Reserve is possible every day, but it requires prior booking and pre-payment. It closes on January 1st and on December 25th.

Guided Tour
Guided tour of the Reserve and interaction with the animals (not including rides)

Target audience: general public
Price: €5/person
Additional information: this activity is subject to the meteorological conditions

Family Program: There’s a donkey here!
Patient, affable and very calm, donkeys are great accomplices for both children and adults on this adventure that tells of the long history of this animal down through centuries, explaining how they are gentle, neither kick nor bite (when treated with due respect), are not nervous (when frightened, they stop still rather than fleeing as is the case with their horse “cousins”), are a bit greedy, strong and smart! This is followed by a tour through the forest: the children get to ride and the adults lead the animals by hand.

Target audience: families with children aged from 3 to 12
Dates: every Saturday of the month at 10am, 12pm, 3pm and 5pm
Duration: 90mins
Price: €12/participant
Additional information:
It is possible to make a reservation to an exclusive date and time on request
This activity is subject to the meteorological conditions