Lalibela Cross Ethiopia Eco Trekking Tours
LCT02:01 Full Day Lalibela Tour:
At 10:30 am we will meet you at your hotel and to explore the rock hewn church of Lalibela, a UNESCO World Heritage site and unofficially considered the 8th wonder of the world.

The site of 11 Churches and the passageways, tunnels and trenches that interconnect them were carved in the late 12th century out of single block of volcanic rock by the then Zagwye king, Emperor Lalibela, from whom the site bears its name.

The churches are divided in to three groups. In the morning (11:00 am) you will visit the first group of Church (Bete Medhane Alem, Betemariam, Bete Meskel, Bete Denagle, Bete Michael) until 12:30 pm; the church will be closed at 1:00. Lunch will follow until resuming the tour at 2:00pm when we continue to the explore the rest of the churches of Lalibela, such as St, George, st, Gabriel, Bete Merkuriouse, Bete Emanuel, Bete Aba libanos.