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Classic Karelia. Winter (4d/3n)
Have you ever dreamt about finding yourself in a winter fairy tale such as Narnia? Karelia is a place! Famous for its beautiful winter, huge snow drifts, frozen lakes shining on the sun and unforgettable snowmobile rides and huskies’ tracks! Once visited you will always want to come to this beautiful land!

During your stay you will get to know the ancient history of the region, you will visit the most remarkable monument of ancient wooden architecture – the Kizhi ensemble that has served as the foundation for an open-air museum well-known throughout the world. You will visit the Nature Reserve of Kivach that is famous for its waterfall – the second largest plain waterfall in Europe. You will taste the delicious cuisine of Karelia in a typical Karelian house with local specialties!

Do you love huskies as much as they are loved in Karelia? For thousand years these beautiful and intelligent animals had been used for transportation across the Arctic tundra. Selective breeding had created the ideal sledding dog, perfectly suited to the freezing conditions and a life of hard work. You will visit a farm of huskies and you will enjoy a husky track along the picturesque Shuya river bank in the fabulous pine forest!

You will remember this experience forever!