We have special medicines and treatment techniques, which will give you the best result in a short time itself. You may improve daily and normally within 1 to 3 months time you will be almost cured. We are using pure Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of Fatty Liver. In most cases there is acidity and gastric problems as well, we have effective treatment for all these problems and we will resolve all these issues together. If you do the liver test after 15 days you may understand that how fast you are improving. You can see that gradually SGPT, SGOT, Bilirubin etc… are getting normal. We are using pure ayurvedic medicines and this treatment will help in removing the side effects of medicines that you have used earlier. . If you require any more info pls Call: Mob: +91 9846992789 Phone: +91 4822229434, +91 4822229435, WhatsApp:,Website: