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Be one of the first to ascend the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro by way of the new Northern Circuit Kilimanjaro route! For thousands of years, the imposing grandeur of Africa’s tallest mountain has captivated the human imagination. Now for the first time ever, Afro-Vertex Tours & Safaris gives you the opportunity to experience the most recently opened route on Kilimanjaro. The incredible 11 Days Northern Circuit Kilimanjaro journey is the newest, longest, and most visually stunning trek available. The length of the climb lets you undergo gradual and complete acclimatization before reaching the summit. This unique feature gives the Northern Circuit the highest climb success rate out of all the routes up Kilimanjaro. On the way, you’ll survey spectacular scenery and glimpse untouched wildlife and wilderness. You’ll venture where few have gone before via secluded trails on this newly unlocked mountain route. The Northern Circuit is still a well-kept secret—hurry for the chance to be among its first pioneers! Check out our tour itinerary to see what to expect on your unforgettable Northern Circuit Kilimanjaro adventure: