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If you’re excited by a challenge to your fitness and character, and you want to climb the quieter western side of Kilimanjaro, then our Western Breach route might be the climb for you. This is not an easy climb and you’ll need time to acclimatize, but the rewards are outstanding. A lonely route, a less-travelled path, more challenging scrambles, quieter camps and the boundless blue skies and golden African sunsets of the most majestic of mountains are some of the unique aspects of our Western Breach route. But this route is not for beginners. Acclimatization is doubly important as ascending the Breach is much easier than descending it – if you have altitude sickness, up is the only way forward. So we have included an acclimatization day mid-route to give you the best chance of success. And it’s a beautiful route. You’ll climb through aromatic rainforest with its screeching birdlife and colorful flora; you’ll pass through moss-girt Montana forest onto high heath land above the tree line, and as you climb higher into alpine meadow and scrub you’ll see glaciers glinting ahead as you scramble over pure mountain streams. The higher ridges and escarpments are arduous and you’ll feel every boulder and every outcrop in every one of your muscles. You’ll skirt through the recently-opened Western Breach, a rip in the wall of Kilimanjaro crater itself and onwards to the summit, Uhuru, the rooftop of Africa. Of course, you can trust our expert, professional guides to help and support you every step of the way and you’ll enjoy hearty meals and drinks to fuel your climb. The Western Breach Route is not an adventure just anyone can handle – if you think you’ve got the right stuff for it, then why not challenge yourself?