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The Rongai Route is the only approach on the north side of the mountain and makes almost a complete north to south traverse of Kilimanjaro. The route offers plenty of time for acclimatization and climbers enjoy a true wilderness experience during the ascent up the seldom visited northern side of the mountain. It’s also a popular approach during the rainy season as the north side of the mountain is the driest. The first day of the trek brings you through from Rongai gate through the lowland jungles to Rongai Camp. The next few days are good for acclimatization as you gradually climb through the open slopes of the Mooreland all the while enjoy excellent views of Kibo and the still distant Eastern Ice Fields on the crater rim. The Rongai Route meets up with the Marangu Route just before Kibo Hut and then continues along the same route to the summit and on the return back down the mountain which means you don't have to backtrack over the same terrain and get to experience the south side of the mountain. You reach Kibo Hut early on the 5th day of trekking and have the afternoon to rest before making the final summit push at midnight. It's a 6 hour slog to the crater rim and another hour of traversing across the rim of the crater to reach Uhuru Peak the final summit and highest point in Africa.